Getting Started

1  How long will it take to get started?
2  Will VoxSciences work with my mobile phone?
3  Can I receive my voicemails as emails?


4  Why can't I activate my mobile phone?
5  I have problems activating my mobile because I am connected to Orange/T-mobile or EE
6  I am with Vodafone One Net and the activation code doesn't work
7  I have a BT One Phone and the activation code doesn't work


8  How long will it take for me to receive the text with my message after someone leaves a voicemail for me?
9  What happens if for some reason you can't transcribe a voicemail to a text?
10  What happens if someone leaves me long voicemail message?
11  How long a message can someone calling me leave?

Listening to voicemails

12  How can I listen to my voicemails?

Recording a Greeting

13  How do I personalise the greeting message for someone wishing to leave me a voicemail?
14  I have an account with no mobile associated how do I record a personalised greeting?


15  Can I refer a friend or colleague?


16  How to do I speak a memo to myself?


17  How much does it cost and how will you bill be?
18  Will my mobile operator charge me for using Voxsci?
19  How will I receive the associated vat invoices for the service?


20  How does VoxScience work?
21  Do I need to change my mobile phone number?
22  Will I get the same functionality with VoxSciences voicemail?
23  Can I have a free trial?
24  Can I temporally revert back to my old voicemail?
25  How do I get my VoxSciences account to work with Skype?
26  Will I be able to use my Apple iPhone or Android mobile?
27  Can I get the VoxSciences service for my whole company?
28  Can I forward multiple lines to my VoxSciences account?
29  Will my VoxSciences account work when I am abroad?
30  I think that the VoxSciences service is very good but I wish that it had an additional facility
31  Do you have a reseller or affiliate program?


32  Deactivation codes for the UK
33  Deactivation codes for the US